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As the large Fields of Growth volunteer delegate gets ready to head over to Uganda for National Championships, volunteering, and cultural experiencing, please stay tuned to one of the volunteers, Tyler Steinhardt, as he blogs about his experience!  Here are a couple excerpts of what is already up!

Tyler’s Blog: http://frombaltimoretoafrica.com/


I would like to take the time to thank those who have so generously donated to the cause, whether it be clothes, school supplies or money.  The money will be put towards building a brighter future for these kids, and I have laid out exactly how so on my Donations page.

I’d also like like to thank Warrior for their donation of lacrosse sticks, shirts and other apparel which will help with the burgeoning youth lacrosse league.  If you have ANY lacrosse equipment, cleats, pads or sticks that you no longer use, please contact me so I can pick them up prior to my departure.

I leave August 3rd for my trip and until that time I will be picking up any type of donations.  Anything you can give can be beneficial to these families, and if you have questions feel free to personally contact me, whether it by phone or email.

Thank you again to all those who have donated, it truly means a lot to me, and it goes extremely far in helping these kids and families.

Yellow Fever, Cholera, Typhoid Fever.

Spent the afternoon at Passport Health, preparing for the trip.  Felt a small chill down my spine as I realized this was Step 1 to going to Uganda, and that this trip was really going to happen.  Got vaccinated for a wealth of diseases, and received medical supplies galore for my trip.

Passport Health Booklet

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