Lacrosse Volunteer Corps

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in service to others.

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in service to others.

Fields of Growth is committed to providing safe and thoughtful travel opportunities through our Lacrosse Volunteer Corps program that honor our mission. Our travel programs help stimulate the local economy and  sustain our work on the ground. Participants in our program are not poverty tourists – they compliment and help fund year round efforts to make a difference in Uganda and Jamaica.

To join the LVC mailing list complete this online form.  For detailed information and LVC registration, visit our LVC portal here


Lacrosse Volunteer Corps (LVC): Offered in Uganda (14 days) and Jamaica (6 Days) the LVC is the most popular opportunity we offer for those looking to get involved with Fields of Growth. The LVC program will take you through a special time of personal formation, experiential learning, intellectual development all while coaching and serving. Visit the LVC portal here for all the information you need!

Custom Trips: For special projects or the non-lacrosse affiliated high school and college service groups looking to serve with our community partners. Examples include service groups that want to assist in building a school.

Coach. Serve. Learn. Have fun & make a difference in the Lacrosse Volunteer Corps.

HS & College Team Travel: Fields of Growth directs all team travel requests to United World Lacrosse (UWL), a business entity of Zag Sports. Team travel is handled by UWL because of their specialized expertise in handling international travel and their ability to host teams in locations other then Uganda and Jamaica. Their Travel, Play, Give Back philosophy aligns with the spirit of our mission in a team setting. UWL contributes financially to our mission.

In just a few short years Fields of Growth has built up a safe record of  thoughtful travel programs. Past volunteers.