Princeton Project Update

HOPEFUL 2012 425

There has been much construction taking place on the grounds of the HOPEFUL School in the last few months.  Thanks to the hard work put in by Chad Wiedmaier  for raising the necessary funds for this project, and the Princeton University community; the first phase of the Princeton Piggery, Poultry and Pineapple Project has been completed.  The first phase included the purchasing of materials and construction of the Piggery and Poultry houses.  The pineapple farm currently has 15,000 plants with the future goal of having 20,000 plants.

Now that phase one is complete, the second phase is to begin purchasing the poultry birds, pigs and the feed needed for these projects.  The children at the HOPEFUL School are amazed each day with these new buildings and look forward to when the animals arrive.  Upon arrival, these animals and projects will serve as an educational tool for these children throughout their schooling.  They will learn how to care for the animals and pineapple, how to cultivate the land to keep the plants and animals healthy, and once each project becomes mature enough the students will learn how to take them to market and the business and math skills to go with selling.

To help support this project you can help by purchasing animals from our Online Store or by giving to our general fund which will help with the HOPEFUL School and the Princeton Piggery, Poultry and Pineapple Project.

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