Fields of Growth Launches Jamaica Program

Jamaica Lacrosse

The beautiful flag of the island nation of Jamaica. The colors reflect the color of the people, the land and the sun.

Fields of Growth (FoG) is excited to announce the launch of a new program in Jamaica. Three short years ago Kevin Dugan started FoG and found himself splitting his summer between Uganda and Jamaica, these two places, both close to his heart, also pulled at his focus and after some soul searching Dugan decided to put programming in Jamaica on hold to stay focused on FoG Uganda. Over the past year most of the operational components of Fields of Growth Uganda have been taken over by Ugandan staff, freeing up the opportunity to grow to Jamaica.

A couple goal hangers in a youth pick up game. FoG will be working with the JLA on launching a high school league, but our volunteers will alway have time for a little youth pick up game after a long day of service.

“I am really excited about the launch of our Jamaica programming,” says Dugan. “Honestly, I am really excited about where we are heading as an organization and the clarity of mission and focus we have developed. We feel great about our partners in Jamaica and the incredible human potential of the Jamaican people. It is a great honor, privilege and responsibility to work with the children there. “

The Fields of Growth launch in Jamaica will include assisting in the development of the Jamaica Lacrosse Association (JLA) and a partnership to support the social services offered by the St. Patrick’s Foundation in Kingston. Jamaica will become a new site for the highly successful Global Leadership Experience (GLE), which will put high school and college lacrosse players in a position to coach, serve and learn in the country. FoG will work with Peter Stewart of the Jamaica Volunteers Foundation, cultural icon and reggae artist Billy “Mystic” Wilmot of the Jamaica Surfing Association and professors at West Indies University to create a powerful cultural and educational experience to compliment the service and coaching that will be done by volunteers.

Ashante posing with her lax stick and a fresh mango. Occasionally we play catch with unripe mangos… Youth lax jamaican style.

“The goal will continue to be 360 degrees of revolving impact through global leadership development, service and growing the game,” said Dugan. “Jamaica’s colonial past, involvement in the African slave trade, emergence as an independent country, it’s issues with the World Bank and IMF, it’s incredible natural resources and human potential will make it an incredible place for cultural and intellectual exchange among our volunteers.”

Fields of Growth has extended volunteers heading to Jamaica this fall. Additionally, Hilary Bowen (women’s program rep) will run a coaches development trip this winter, while Kevin Dugan (founder & director) will be running a Global Leadership Experience for high school and college lacrosse players.

Click here for information on the GLE program in Jamaica.


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