Our Mission:

We seek to harness the passion of athletes into positive social impact through international service, global learning and youth sport development.

Our Values:

International Service

At the heart of our work is service to others in an effort to advance the common good of humanity. At the very core of the Fields of Growth mission is the desire to serve and uplift in a spirit of human solidarity.

We strive to do all our service as a Family of Friends on a Mission of Accompaniment with community partners. So whether it be with our staff at the HOPEFUL School in Uganda or Dupont Primary School in Jamaica, we aim to walk hand in hand with the communities we serve.

We couple the word service with the words Mission of Accompaniment and solidarity because the word service can sometimes communicate the wrong message – one of superiority. In an interdependent world we know that when we are in service to others, we are very much in service to ourselves. Ubuntu – “I am because of who we all are.”

Global Learning

Through our Athlete Volunteer Corps (AVC), we seek to expose athletes (primarily high school and college students) to the beauty, challenges and potential in the developing world.

Through the AVC, we seek to compliment the intellectual formation of student-athletes and young post-graduates (The AVC is not limited to student-athletes as we regularly have coaches and parents participate and/or assist in the program). Through selected readings, experiential learning, guided reflections  and active service, the AVC helps it’s participants grow and learn as they share their talents in Uganda and Jamaica. The AVC is naturally full of fun, excitement and adventure as participants travel to new places to coach, serve and learn… but we are also intentional about creating an environment where you are involved in intelligent conversations surrounding everything from China’s development efforts in Africa to the impact of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund in post-colonial Jamaica. Please follow the links below to learn more about the programs available for your sport.

Youth Sport Development

The world needs more young leaders inspired to harness their passions into positive social impact. Fortunately the spirit of purpose and drive to make a difference through sports in today’s young student-athletes is alive and well. More and more athletes from the developed world are feeling a sense of responsibility to grow the opportunities for youth in developing world to have their talents, gifts and abilities unlocked through the power of sport.

Through our school based and community partnerships, coupled with the Youth Sport Leadership Academies in Uganda and Jamaica, we seek to use the “power of play” to help more children realize their full human potential.