Through our Athlete Volunteer Corps (AVC), we seek to expose student-athletes and coaches to the beauty, challenges and potential in the developing world.  Through selected readings, experiential learning, guided reflections and active service, the AVC helps it’s participants grow and learn as they share their talents in Uganda and Jamaica. The AVC is also full of fun, excitement and adventure as participants travel to new places to coach, serve and learn. Please follow the links below to learn more about the programs available for your sport.

Lacrosse Volunteer Corps

This is our longest running program and has it’s own website. Please visit the Lacrosse Volunteer Corps website for detailed information on the program:  

Tennis Volunteer Corps

Step # 1: Go on a Virtual Trip! Take a first hand look at the Jamaica Volunteer Experience! Step #2: Learn All You Need To Know About the Tennis Volunteer Corps! Detailed Information Packet for...